We've discovered 7 internal narratives to beginning a fitness or health related goal  - narratives so deep, we often believe them as true.

How many of these thoughts apply to you? 

(Most of us have heard at least 3 of these narratives, but some have all 7.) 

Internal Narrative #1: I am beyond busy. It feels like I am constantly juggling work, my loved ones, and my social life. I manage everything and everyone. I want to improve my health, but I don't want to start something that only overwhelms me even more.

Internal Narrative #2: I'm not 'disciplined' enough. There's other people out there who have obviously found a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for them, but I can never seemed to figure out how to make that happen for me. Why can't I get any results that actually stick?

Internal Narrative #3 I wouldn't even know where to begin. There's so much information out there, so many do's & don'ts, I don't want to try & feel defeated when it doesn't turn out how I expected.

Internal Narrative #4: I know support is huge, but I hate admitting that I need help. A close confidant and real understanding would be paramount, but what if they just tell me I'm just making excuses, anyway? 

Internal Narrative #5: I don't have the energy. I keep wasting my time trying out things that don't work. I just need something that gives me life, not burdens me with disappointment

Internal Narrative #6: I'm scared. I know what I dream of is out there, but my comfort zone is seriously comfy! What if I fail? Is what I'm hoping for even really possible? 

Internal Narrative #7: "I just need to 'figure it out'. I really need to break my bad habits, have better self control, and stop sabotaging myself... 

Women Running Outdoors

Introducing Online Fitness
& Nutrition Coaching 


Our Transformative Program with the exact information, support & healthy strategies to accomplish renewed health and improved confidence in your life. 

The "everything included" program that has helped hundreds
reach their fitness & health goals.

No matter your history. 

Even if you lack knowledge or experience.
Even if you don't know what you're capable of, yet...





Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
Designed to Get You Results 

The ultimate client experience & unstoppable collective of individuals ready to
take control of their wellness and attain abundance.

here's how it works:


End Date: September 6th, 2020

Over the duration of 5 weeks we will work together to turn your healthy lifestyle from flat to flourishing. From learning simple methods for effective nutritional changes, to working through an exercise plan that is unique to you and where you're at, to developing a wealth of tools and strategies to tackle the challenges of life, we’ve got you covered. You'll expand your knowledge & confidence so you become a true transformation both inside and out.


here's what you get:

  • ​Instead of navigating all the confusion around "what is healthy eating," you'll know exactly what to eat, and how much to eat in ways that support your goals.  

    • You'll receive a personally tailored nutrition plan that includes detailed information on which type of foods to eat, correct portion sizes, and how to break down your nutrition in a way that is sustainable long into the future, no "tracking apps" necessary. 

  • Instead of fumbling through generic workouts that aren't tailored to your needs, you'll have clear confidence in knowing what you need to do, and how to do it.

    • We will personally design an exercise program specifically for you and your goals including detailed instructions and video demonstrations. Your exercise program will work off of how often you can workout, where you can workout and if you have any injuries or limitations that might be important to consider.

  • Instead of just "trying harder", only to feel more uncomfortable (or injured) you'll discover how to achieve pain free, proper movement patterns in support of having a better, more able body.

    • You'll have access to a thorough Foam Rolling and Stretching Guide which includes quick, easy and print friendly follow-along routines. 

  • Instead of going at it alone wondering if anyone else understands what you're going through, you'll be surrounded by endless encouragement and motivation to feed your focus.

    • You'll gain 24/7 access to a facebook community group that overflows with encouragement and inspiration from like-minded individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed. Even more, you'll receive c​combined community access to not one, but two certified, educated & specialized personal trainers (Jenn Lemke and Denise Massey).

  • Instead of wondering if you're doing it right, or navigating challenging temptations on your own, you'll have real support and genuine advice to help unlock your true potential.

    • You'll have private access to your coach (Jenn Lemke or Denise Massey) for questions, accountability, feedback and as much encouragement as you could ever need.

  • Instead of feeling disconnected & isolated on your journey, you'll have opportunities to connect with goal-getters just like you.

    • You'll be invited to join us for 2 30-45 minutes Facebook LIVES (with replay available) where we get together as a group (led by Jenn Lemke or Denise Massey) and discuss different topics, address specific questions or learn applicable strategies needed to thrive. From time to time we may also invite special guests to expand our knowledge and confidence on specific topics. What more, there will be 2 LIVE follow-along workouts where we come together and get our sweat on as a group.

  • Instead of feeling lost for ideas or inspiration on how to keep healthy meals interesting, you'll dive into exciting new recipes weekly, keeping things deliciously on track. 

    • You'll gain access to 2 recipe book filled with 100+ combined pages of recipes that are always available to you and can work alongside your nutrition plan. (Vol. 1 Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners & Sides, Vol 2. Condiments, Snacks & Smoothies).

That's well over $1,400 in value, but the investment is only

Want one of us there "with you" during your workouts? We can provide 40 minutes of personally designed fitness instruction/virtual personal training (through FaceTime, Skype or Zoom) for an additional $37.00/session. 


Get all the goods. This package will cover both fitness & nutrition coaching alongside the personal attention of your coach.

$168.00 in full or
2 payments of $86.63

(prices include gst)



Would you prefer to focus your attention on one thing at a time? We also have a Fitness or Nutrition option: 

$94.50 in full
(price include gst)


"Before working with Jenn, the biggest problem I faced was giving into cravings. All I ever wanted was carbs and I felt so overwhelmed by the idea of learning how to eat properly that I never really tried. I knew that whenever I thought about my body and the improvements I needed to make I felt overwhelmed and defeated. I chose [BPT] Fitness & Nutrition Coaching over anything else I could have done because it was affordable and seemed like a good idea to have a true support system rather than a bunch of overwhelming information. With Jenn, every time I was unsure of something or feeling overwhelmed or weak I had someone to turn to who knew just what to say. Since working with Jenn, I have learned what my body needs to be as healthy as possible and how to lose and maintain weight. It’s so much easier than you think it’s going to be. You CAN do it and you’re going to be blown away with where you end up. What surprised me the most about working with Jenn was the fact that I was actually able to lose weight. And a lot of weight. FAST. 11 pounds in a month for someone who has NEVER pursued any kind of real health or weight loss is amazing. 20 pounds overall blew me away. I LOVE my newfound confidence. I love that everything I try on I have experienced new confidence and self worth, and I love that shopping has become an absolute blast!" - SAMANTHA S

"This program has given me all the tools to increase my mental and physical wellbeing. Through nutrition, fitness and all the things in between - this program sets you up for success. With the format of being able to talk with your coach whenever you need and the reassurance from the community group, combined make this the easiest way to become a better you. I have found that within 30 days I am a new person who loves my body and will continue to choose my health and wellness everyday because of this program! Thank you Jenn Lemke and Denise Massey for creating this amazing program - you really have thought of it all!!"

"Phew. Where to begin. I joined back in March for the challenge to continue making strides in weight loss. In 8 months I lost 15lbs and 4.5 inches on my own with minimal exercise. 3 months with Jenn Lemke and I am shocked that I lost 19.4lbs and 21 inches. It became not about numerical results for me and instead learning to love a healthier lifestyle rather than it feeling like work that I don't like. She's made it so easy with amazing support to change my mentality towards everything as a whole. By not being forced to eliminate anything but rather be in control of my own choices and learning how to listen to my body, I couldn't be happier with what I've learned. No guilt, no shame, just phenomenal advice and support. Jenn is such an amazing soul and I am eternally grateful for her services." - KAYLA P

"Denise Massey has been so helpful in so many ways this past month. She encouraged me and pushed me gently when I was feeling down. She understood that sometimes I couldn't always eat exactly the way I wanted to or get a workout in because life happens. She always had ways to improvise workouts when they weren't feeling right for my body and prevented me from doing more harm. Denise Massey has realistic expectations about a healthy lifestyle, is kind and always open to letting you vent when things aren't going how you thought. I can hardly wait to see where another month takes us in this journey! Jenn and Denise are the perfect team to have on board when you're needing a boost to change your lifestyle!" - LYNETTE H 

"The past couple of months working with Jenn Lemke (and getting comments, tips and support from Denise Massey) have been so transformative. I’ve always tried to be relatively healthy, but my nutrition in particular was so up and down with diets and strict “can’t-haves”, and I could never stick to anything for long. Even after just these past couple of months, I feel like I’ve developed a way healthier approach to my relationship with food, and have a much better understanding of what my body really needs. I am so appreciative of everything I’ve learned from these ladies and can’t wait to keep moving forward and keeping this progress going long-term." - LYNETTE S


"I have had the joy of training with Denise for several years now, both in group sessions and private coaching. I am not overstating when I say that working with her has changed my life. 

When we started, I had never worked out with a trainer before and didn't know what to expect. Very fit people intimidated me, and I never saw myself as someone who could actual enjoy working out, let alone with other people watching. She always made me feel completely comfortable; spent time learning my skills and challenges, always pushing me enough to crush goals and gave me grace when I was struggling too. 

Together, Denise and I ran my first 10km race, completely overhauled my eating habits and created a lifelong love of exercise. Denise is outstanding at creating a caring and judgement free space to work on you, no matter where you're starting from.  I have, and would continue to, recommend Denise to anyone as a trainer - she is absolutely incredible." - ASHLEY H

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meet your coaches:


Jennifer Lemke
BENEFITS Personal Training

Lover of food, good books, hobby photography and all things travel. You can usually find me on Pinterest, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or tucked away enjoying the quietness of my own company.  I’m a 26 year old, Canadian, Type 1 Diabetic who fell in love with an Aussie while travelling through Scandinavia. I spend my days coaching sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits, designing fitness programs, alongside supporting clients towards positive change. I love encouraging people to live out their very best lives. 


I graduated in 2013 from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training. In addition to my diploma, I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP), a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), and a Certified Online Trainer (OTA). I have completed courses in Nutrition & Weight Management from WSU and hold a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. Shortly after graduating from college, I created BENEFITS Personal Training with the intention of providing genuine encouragement and practical action steps for success - a goal I still hold with each and every client that comes my way. 

My bottom line >> 

I am passionate about helping you find sustainable success in your health journey by providing simple and effective methods that reap results and are maintainable in the long haul. I am super excited about supporting you towards a healthier, more nourishing lifestyle so that you can spend more time living out a confident life you love! 

Denise Massey
REV Fitness

Boy mom, city girl now living in a small SK town. I love podcasts, road trips and am always up for an adventure. You can usually find me outside with my little one, drinking coffee in the sun or hanging out in my home gym enjoying some ME time. While balancing mom life I enjoy spending my days working with a few in person training clients and teaching women/mother’s to find joy and purpose in movement without obsessing about being perfect. I love when women realize their strength and find confidence from within! I’m an expert in all things  pregnancy and postpartum exercise, birth recovery, strength training and how to help you stop peeing when you sneeze! By the way, “TMI” isn’t in my vocabulary. It went out the window with my “perfect parent” rule book a long time ago!


In 2013 I graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training. I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), Certified Doula (DONA) and specialize in pre and postnatal training  (GGS, JMG Fitness Academy). 


My bottom line>>>

You are a powerful woman with a right to a health-full and joy filled life. How do I know? Because I am a mom just like you, trying to find more understanding of who I am through this adventure. We use fitness and movement that puts your joy and well-being at the CENTER of your healing. 


Still not sure if BPT/REV FIT Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching is right for you?

This was specifically made for you if...​

  • You want a proven way to get real results and KEEP them because you are tired of trying new diets, detoxes and quick fixes only to be disappointed when they aren't sustainable for you.

  • You are an eager learner ready to implement what it takes to transform because deep down you know the confident, results-giving abundant lifestyle you desire is WAITING. 

  • You are DONE dragging your heels to get to your goals and are ready to dig deep into a community of real understanding and authentic encouragement.

  • You are ready to take on a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and know part of that includes saving your time and energy with a clear and direct plan.

This isn't the best fit right now if....

  • You love guessing games and would rather struggle to figure out things on your own, no matter how long it takes.

  • You love the emotional roller coaster of inconsistent progress and are okay with unsustainable solutions. You don't want sustainability to fuel your healthy lifestyle. 

  • You are seriously experienced when it comes to nutrition and working out, have strong accountability to self, and have figured out exactly what works for you. 

  • You enjoy being a slave to the scale and tracking apps and are content to work harder instead of smarter. Ease doesn't appeal to you. 

  • You'd rather walk this road alone and not be apart of a community, even one that is soaked with good vibes, encouraging people, and much needed resources.