The only transformation challenge of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to kickstart your healthy lifestyle successfully - but rewards you for doing so with $600.00 in prizes, including a $300.00 cash grand prize!


Fresh Start 2021 Transformation Challeng




Before we tell you about this life-changing 10 week coaching program, let's talk about who this is really for:


You're a busy and ambitious woman who craves confidence and just wants to feel your best. You're tired of feeling flat and ready to kickstart a healthier lifestyle that allows you to experience 2021 in a more fulfilling way - including increased energy, freedom, and inspiration.

Whether you... ​

→ Have been winging it with your fitness and nutrition goals and it's worked to a point but are now determined to progress into the happy, thriving, and the confident individual you know you can be. 

→ Dragged your heels to get to your goals in 2020 and now just really crave real understanding and authentic encouragement. 

→ Dream of what's possible and believe deep down you could do it but all the information out there seriously overwhelms you. Now, you want to get the most out of life so you are looking for something that is going to hold you accountable to your best, most vibrant self.

→ Have tried your fair share of "diets" and "detoxes", or already know in some capacity what you should be doing, but the results never seem to stick. You wish you had a proven way to get real results and KEEP THEM without always feeling tied to a rigid set of rules. 

You're in the right place and we'll tell you exactly how the Fresh Start 2021 Transformation Challenge will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a healthy life you love. 


By the end of this
Transformation Challenge...



Learned a proven way to get results and KEEP THEM without feeling tied to a rigid set of rules. 

 Ditched all the confusion around "what is healthy eating" and gained understanding about what to eat, and how much to eat in ways that support your goals. 

Stopped relying on willpower and become intentional about transforming what was stagnant to instead a confident and results-giving lifestyle. 

Gained a clear and direct plan that helps you unlock your true potential.  

Met close confidants who truly understand your journey and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Stopped fumbling through generic workouts that aren't tailored to your needs and instead have clear confidence in knowing what you need to do, and how to do it.


Received the accountability you were lacking to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to become your best, most vibrant self. 

Discovered how to achieve pain-free, proper movement patterns in support of having a better, more able body.

✔  Dived into exciting new recipes weekly, keeping things deliciously on track. 

"This entire experience has provided so much happiness in my life - If I had to choose ONE thing that made me the happiest about joining, it would be the confidence I have gained in myself!


I was surprised the most at how quickly I was able to implement & sustain the changes from this challenge. Not only that, but the nutrition and fitness guidelines were not unrealistic or difficult to maintain. I loved having access to recipe books for ideas and options, that was SO helpful for me. I have started to replace the guilt, shame, and disappointing thoughts in my head with positive words of encouragement that I have learned from this group. I know I will never be perfect, and I know I will have good days and bad days. Learning the importance of "showing up for myself" every day - in any way possible - has made me so happy and thankful for the entire experience."



Happy Woman

What's Inside

​Over the duration of 5 weeks, we will work together to turn your healthy lifestyle from flat to flourishing. From learning simple methods for effective nutritional changes to working through an exercise plan that is easy to follow, to developing a wealth of tools and strategies to tackle the challenges of life, we’ve got you covered. You'll expand your knowledge and confidence so you can become a true transformation both inside and out.  What more, we'll be giving away $600.00 in prizes to those who create the best overall transformation. 

When you register for the Fresh Start 2021 Transformation Challenge,
you'll have two options for entry:


Nutrition Guide

5 Workouts (45 Minutes in Length) *Workouts can be personalized to accommodate injuries, weakness, etc. as requested. 

Core Workouts 

2 Cardio Workouts 

Foam Rolling/Stretching Guide + Routines
(Print Friendly)

2 Recipe Books
(Vol. 1 Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners & Sides)
(Vol 2. Condiments, Snacks & Smoothies)  

24/7 Access to Community Group


Q&A’s/Facebook LIVES 

LIVE Zoom Workouts 

Combined Community Access to TWO Certified, Educated, and Specialized Personal Trainers
(Denise Massey, Jenn Lemke)

Entrance into Prizes 

Custom Nutrition Plan 

5 Workouts (45 Minutes in Length) *Workouts can be personalized to accommodate injuries, weakness, etc. as requested. 

Core Workouts 

2 Cardio Workouts 

Foam Rolling/Stretching Guide + Routines
(Print Friendly)

2 Recipe Books
(Vol. 1 Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners & Sides)
(Vol 2. Condiments, Snacks & Smoothies)  

24/7 Access to Community Group


Q&A’s/Facebook LIVES 

LIVE Zoom Workouts 

Combined Community Access to TWO Certified, Educated, and Specialized Personal Trainers
(Denise Massey, Jenn Lemke)

Entrance into Prizes 

Private Access to Coach
(Jenn Lemke or Denise Massey) 

Support, Encouragement, Answers to Questions (outside of group Q&As), Additional Feedback, and Personalized Accountability

Enroll in the
Fresh Start 2021

Transformation Challenge today.







Prizes include

1st Place Grand Prize: $300.00 CAD Cash

2nd Place Runner Up: $150.00 CAD Gift Card to Lululemon, Balance ATHLETICA, Gymshark, or apparel retailer of choice

3rd Place: $100.00 CAD Amazon Gift Card

4th Place: Strong by BPT Workout Program (25-page guide valued at $55.00 CAD) 

Plus mini prizes throughout the month!

Winners are selected by Coaches Jenn & Denise. Results are chosen by photo comparisons, measurement changes, overall participation & engagement. We want to reward those who create the best overall transformation both physically and with overall healthy lifestyle changes. 


Success Stories



"Jenn Lemke has been the most supportive trainer I've ever had. She is honest while not making you feel bad for making less healthy choices. Her challenges and workouts are fun and engaging. And she's always ready to answer any questions or concerns you have. I've tried many other programs but Jenn is always who I come back to." - KARA O

Phew. Where to begin. I joined back in March for the challenge to continue making strides in weight loss. In 8 months I lost 15lbs and 4.5 inches on my own with minimal exercise. 3 months with Jenn Lemke and I am shocked that I lost 19.4lbs and 21 inches. It changed from being about numerical results for me to instead learning to love a healthier lifestyle rather than it feeling like work that I don't like. She's made it so easy with amazing support to change my mentality towards everything as a whole. By not being forced to eliminate anything but rather be in control of my own choices and learning how to listen to my body, I couldn't be happier with what I've learned. No guilt, no shame, just phenomenal advice and support. Jenn is such an amazing soul and I am eternally grateful for her services". - KAYLA P


"Jenn Lemke has helped me in so many aspects of this program. I feel like I'm making better decisions naturally with nutrition and previous bad habits. I feel the urge and power to make my own healthy decisions, better than ever before. I am strong mentally and physically in the time training with her." - JESSICA S


"This program has given me all the tools to increase my mental and physical wellbeing. Through nutrition, fitness and all things in between - this program sets you up for success. With the format of being able to talk with your coach whenever you need and the reassurance from the community group, combined make this the easiest way to become a better you. I have found that within 30 days I am a new person who loves my body and will continue to choose my health and wellness everyday because of this program! Thank you Jenn Lemke and Denise Massey for creating this amazing program - you really have thought of it all!" - TANISSE T


"Working with Denise has been awesome. She is so supportive and always mindful of my sore back by offering helpful ideas so I can keep on going. I feel no judgement from her ever, just positivity and support in helping my health journey become my new way of normal. I am so happy with this program and how it's working for me! Thanks Denise & Jenn!" - CHRISTINA G

Denise Massey has been so helpful in so many ways this past month. She encouraged me and pushed me gently when I was feeling down. She understood that sometimes I couldn't always eat exactly the way I wanted to or get a workout in because life happens. She always had ways to improvise workouts when they weren't feeling right for my body and prevented me from doing more harm. Denise Massey has realistic expectations about a healthy lifestyle, is kind and always open to letting you vent when things aren't going how you thought. I can hardly wait to see where another month takes us in this journey! Jenn Lemke taught me this past month how and when are good times to have one of my favourite treats and to not feel guilty when I do. Jenn and Denise are the perfect team to have on board when you're needing a boost to change your lifestyle!"




Still not sure if this challenge is right for you?

This was specifically made for you if...​

  • You want a proven way to get real results and KEEP them because you are tired of trying new diets, detoxes and quick fixes only to be disappointed when they aren't sustainable for you.

  • You are an eager learner ready to implement what it takes to transform because deep down you know the confidence and results you desire are WAITING. 

  • You are DONE dragging your heels to get to your goals and are ready to dig deep into a community of real understanding and authentic encouragement.

  • You are ready to take on a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and know part of that includes saving your time and energy with a clear and direct plan.

This isn't the best fit right now if....

  • You love guessing games and would rather struggle to figure out things on your own, no matter how long it takes.

  • You love the emotional roller coaster of inconsistent progress and are okay with unsustainable solutions. You don't want sustainability to fuel your healthy lifestyle. 

  • You are seriously experienced when it comes to nutrition and working out, have strong accountability to self, and have figured out exactly what works for you. 

  • You enjoy being a slave to the scale and tracking apps and are content to work harder instead of smarter. Ease doesn't appeal to you. 

  • You'd rather walk this road alone and not be apart of a community, even one that is soaked with good vibes, encouraging women, and much needed resources. 


Dot Pattern

 Meet Your Coaches 


Coach Jenn

Jennifer Lemke
BENEFITS Personal Training

Lover of food, good books, hobby photography and all things travel. You can usually find me on Pinterest, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or tucked away enjoying the quietness of my own company.  I’m a 26-year-old, Canadian, Type 1 Diabetic who fell in love with an Aussie while traveling through Scandinavia. I spend my days coaching sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits, designing fitness programs, alongside supporting clients towards positive change. I love encouraging people to live out their very best lives. 

I graduated in 2013 from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training. In addition to my diploma, I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP), a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), and a Certified Online Trainer (OTA). I have completed courses in Nutrition & Weight Management from WSU and hold a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. Shortly after graduating from college, I created BENEFITS Personal Training with the intention of providing genuine encouragement and practical action steps for success - a goal I still hold with each and every client that comes my way. 

My bottom line >> 

I am passionate about helping you find sustainable success in your health journey by providing simple and effective methods that reap results and are maintainable in the long haul. I am super excited about supporting you towards a healthier, more nourishing lifestyle so that you can spend more time living out a confident life you love! 

Denise Massey
REV Fitness

Boy mom, city girl now living in a small SK town. I love podcasts, road trips and am always up for an adventure. You can usually find me outside with my little one, drinking coffee in the sun or hanging out in my home gym enjoying some ME time. While balancing mom life I enjoy spending my days working with a few in-person training clients and teaching women/mother’s to find joy and purpose in movement without obsessing about being perfect. I love it when women realize their strength and find confidence from within! I’m an expert in all things pregnancy and postpartum exercise, birth recovery, strength training, and how to help you stop peeing when you sneeze! By the way, “TMI” isn’t in my vocabulary. It went out the window with my “perfect parent” rule book a long time ago!


In 2013 I graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training. I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), Certified Doula (DONA) and specialize in pre and postnatal training  (GGS, JMG Fitness Academy).

My bottom line >>

You are a powerful woman with a right to a health-full and joy-filled life. How do I know? Because I am a mom just like you, trying to find more understanding of who I am through this adventure. We use fitness and movement that puts your joy and well-being at the CENTER of your healing.

Coach Jenn


Coach Denise

Well, this is your last chance.
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