Personalized Fitness Coaching Package

12 Weeks to Building An Active Lifestyle You'll Love Sticking To

Fitness & Wellness Coaching with BPT provides personalized exercise programming specific to your fitness goals and experience level. 

Using the thorough instructions and video demonstrations I curate for you, you will have everything you need to approach your strength workouts with confidence and clarity. 

With my help, you will navigate your mindset around exercise, explore what you like and what you don’t, and develop an exercise routine you’ll love to show up for...consistently. 

Your program will be designed with YOU in mind--with careful attention to the equipment you have on hand as well as any injuries or special concerns you have. I’m here to support you while building, tweaking, or upgrading your program as often as needed.

Custom Workout Program

You'll receive a completely personalized exercise program, including detailed instructions and video demonstrations that will evolve alongside you throughout the 12 weeks. 


Weekly Self-Reflection Check-Ins

You'll complete a selection of guided questions each Friday that will help you reflect on what's working, and where we need to focus more attention. I'll see your answers, touch base, and be able to provide helpful feedback from one week to the next.


Mobile & Desktop App

Trainerize is a mobile and desktop app platform that will allow you to track your workouts and communicate with me in real-time. Everything is seamlessly housed in one spot for your convenience.


Flexibility & Mobility Guide

Access a thorough foam rolling and stretching guide that comes with accessory follow-along routines to encourage proper, pain-free movement.


Personalized Habit Tracking

Together, we will choose and schedule time for desired habits to practice throughout the 12 weeks. You’ll be able to track your progress, create consistency streaks, and experience an additional layer of accountability.


Coach Communication

I am here to keep you accountable, give feedback, answer questions and share my expertise as you need it - you can reach out to me whenever you need and I will respond promptly within my office hours.


3 30 Minute Coaching Calls

Booked in whenever they work for you, we will have three 1:1 coaching calls to celebrate what’s going well, and to troubleshoot any issues or roadblocks you may be facing.

this package includes:


“I feel as though Jenn has given me the skill to start having a “love” relationship with the gym even if she is not there to kick my butt! The only thing I was ever worried about was my commitment to continuing with the program and actually working out. With Jenn’s help, I have started making changes in my daily life. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jenn and I have no intentions of stopping. Thank you for showing me I can work out and the proper ways to get healthy! Keep it up!”

I know you’ve tried to make changes before. 


But this time, it’s different. 


You will be working with a Behavior Change Specialist who understands how meaningful shifts really happen, and how to create the circumstances that make positive change inevitable. 


Isn’t that what personal empowerment truly means?

“At a certain point in your life, health and fitness take on a different tone. Of course, you always want to look your best, but more than that you want to feel good, so you can fully experience all the good things each stage of your life has to offer. That is where BPT came into play for me. I had reached a stage where feeling good required a more conscious effort. I needed a program that accounted for my unique physical requirements and one that I could realistically be committed to. BENEFITS fit perfectly for that. The program was designed to push me enough to achieve greater fitness but also accommodate my distinct goals and circumstances. I can fit these workouts anytime into my day with ease and because of that, I have been exercising with more consistency than I have in years. It is really awesome - thank you!"


I’ve designed this program to cover all bases...and I’ve designed the investment details to make this a no-brainer for you!

pay $687 in full

or choose a payment plan of

$177 today x 4 monthly payments 

$117 today x 6 monthly payments

backed by my 10-day money-back guarantee 

Do you have questions about Personalized Fitness Coaching? I welcome the opportunity to help you find clarity on whether or not I’m the right coach for you.

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