BENEFITS Personal Training
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let us guess

you're in love with the confidence you rock (and others notice) when you feel your best,

but things have been feeling flat lately, right?

  • You're not exactly a beginner and have tried your fair share of "diets" and "detoxes". You already know in some capacity what you should be doing, but the results never seem to stick. // You wish you had a proven way to get real results and KEEP THEM without always feeling tied to a rigid set of rules.

  • You've been winging it with your fitness and nutrition goals and it's worked to a point, but you're ready to progress into the happy, thriving and confident individual you know you can be. // Willpower can only take you so far. It's time to get intentional and transform what's become stagnant into a confident, results-giving abundant lifestyle. 

  • You know there has to be a healthier, more sustainable way, but you're not sure what that looks like or how to make it happen. // You need a clear and direct plan if you're going to discover your potential and you don't want to waste your limited time and energy trying to figure and plan things out on your own.

  • You feel like you've been dragging your heels to get to your goals and what you're really craving is real understanding and authentic encouragement. // Becoming your best can be overwhelmed and now you need nothing more than some close confidants who truly understand your journey and want nothing more than to see you thrive.

  • You dream of what's possible and believe deep down you could do it but all the information out there seriously overwhelms you. // It's tempting to stay in your comfort zone because it's COMFORTABLE...but no one ever grows from inside their safe space. You want to get the most out of life and for it to be meaningful so you need someone who is going to hold you accountable to your best, most vibrant self.




BENEFITS Personal Training
partnered with REV Fitness



Our Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching was created for busy working women who want to become their best but are feeling stuck when it comes to making strides in the right direction - is that you?

here's how it works:

Start Date: May 4th, 2020

​Over the duration of 4 weeks, we will work together to turn your healthy lifestyle from flat to flourishing. From learning simple methods for effective nutritional changes, to working through an exercise plan that is unique to you and where you're at, to developing a wealth of tools and strategies to tackle the challenges of life, we’ve got you covered. You'll expand your knowledge and confidence so you can become a true transformation both inside and out.

here's what you get:

When you join Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching with BPT & REV Fitness, you'll recieve:

  • ​Personally tailored nutrition plan that includes detailed information on which types of food to eat, correct portion sizes, and how to break down your nutrition in a way that is sustainable long into the future, no "tracking apps" necessary.  
    [$175.00 IN VALUE]


  • Exercise program designed specifically for you and your goals including detailed instructions and video demonstrations. Your exercise program will also work off of how often you can workout, where you can workout and if you have any injuries or limitations that might be relevant. [$424.00 IN VALUE]

  • 24/7 access to a facebook community group that will be overflowing with encouragement and generosity from like-minded individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed. [$75.00 IN VALUE]

  • Private access to your coach (Jenn or Denise) Tuesday through Saturday for questions, accountability, feedback and as much encouragement as you could ever need. [$500.00 IN VALUE]

  • Recipe book filled with 100+ pages of recipes that are deliciously available to you and can work alongside your nutrition plan. [$30.00 IN VALUE]

  • 2 (minimum) 30-45 minutes Facebook LIVES (with replay available) where we get together as a group (led by Jenn or Denise) and discuss different topics, address specific questions or learn applicable strategies needed to thrive. From time to time we will also invite special guests to expand our knowledge and confidence on specific topics. [$75.00 IN VALUE]

  • Content library of videos on topics such as habits vs. motivation, belief, or mourning your perfect self designed to inspire, bring clarity and enlighten your perspective on what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle. [$120.00 IN VALUE]

  • 1 LIVE follow-along group workout where we come together and get our sweat on as a tribe [$37.00 value] 

  • BONUS 10 page super shake recipe guide for creating nutritious and dessert-like shakes when time is tight or cravings are high. *if you're one of the first 10 to register* ($20.00 IN VALUE]

That's well over $1,400 in value, BUT THE INVESTMENT IS ONLY




2 payments of

No need for nutrition help? We also have an exercise only option:

PAY IN FULL $84.00 or PAYMENT PLAN 2 payments of $44.63

AVAILABLE ADD ON:  Want someone there "with you" during your workouts? We can provide 40 minutes of personally designed fitness instruction/virtual personal training (through FaceTime, Skype or Zoom) for an additional $37.00/session. 


"Before working with Jenn, the biggest problem I faced was giving into cravings. All I ever wanted was carbs and I felt so overwhelmed by the idea of learning how to eat properly that I never really tried. I knew that whenever I thought about my body and the improvements I needed to make I felt overwhelmed and defeated. I chose [BPT] Fitness & Nutrition Coaching over anything else I could have done because it was affordable and seemed like a good idea to have a true support system rather than a bunch of overwhelming information. With Jenn, every time I was unsure of something or feeling overwhelmed or weak I had someone to turn to who knew just what to say. Since working with Jenn, I have learned what my body needs to be as healthy as possible and how to lose and maintain weight. It’s so much easier than you think it’s going to be. You CAN do it and you’re going to be blown away with where you end up. What surprised me the most about working with Jenn was the fact that I was actually able to lose weight. And a lot of weight. FAST. 11 pounds in a month for someone who has NEVER pursued any kind of real health or weight loss is amazing. 20 pounds overall blew me away. I LOVE my newfound confidence. I love that everything I try on I have experienced new confidence and self worth, and I love that shopping has become an absolute blast!" - SAMANTHA S

 "I am not one that likes to stand out while working out. I don't mind group classes where I can blend in, but having a personal trainer scares me. I don't have confidence that I can do the exercises or the amount of reps, etc. With BENEFITS Personal Training all those fears are laid to rest. It is online so I can fit it into my schedule and Jenn has all the workouts put together in clear, easy to follow instructions including videos of each exercise. You aren't left on your own though, there are check-ins, weekly emails and daily inspiration.She is a wonderful motivator and has such a caring soul. You don't want to let her down. A fantastic program and a fantastic trainer. You won't go wrong investing in BENEFITS Personal Training with Jenn." - ROXANNE Z 

"Jenn is an incredible trainer. I love training with her. I needed a training program that worked with MY life and that’s exactly what she does. Her and her program is amazing!!” - TAMMIE H


“This is my second time with Jenn and she is fantastic. She is so understanding and supportive and really listens. She was always there when I needed her. I can’t believe how much

I have toned since training with her!!” - BRANDIE R


“I love that Jenn checks in with me every week - It makes me feel great to hear her say I’m doing a good job and I feel accountable to her. It keeps me motivated!” - KELLY P


“I have known Jenn for 15 years and continue to be amazed by her determination, generous spirit, and amazing work ethic. She is a self directed young woman who is never afraid to meet even the most demanding challenges. Having faced her own difficulties in life, Jenn knows first-hand how important hard work, determination, and a positive attitude can be. Jenn is an incredible trainer, an awesome educator, motivator, inspiration and friend to her clients. She will build their confidence and dedicate herself to helping them reach their personal goals with her impressive knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend Jenn for anyone There are few people in this world who make the people around them feel good about themselves...empowered to accomplish anything.

Jenn is one of those people.” - SHANNON K

"I really enjoy Denise's energy and intensity. I love training with Denise!" - MICHELLE K


"Denise is the best! She keeps me accountable, always makes it fun and works me hard. I have learnt so much and feel great!" - JANICE P


"Denise has great positive energy! She tailors the session right for you. Once your session is done, you feel alive, energized and ready to take on the day!" - BARB B

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Still not sure if BPT/REV Fit Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching is right for you?

This was specifically made for you if...​

  • You want a proven way to get real results and KEEP them because you are tired of trying new diets, detoxes and quick fixes only to be disappointed when they aren't sustainable for you.

  • You are an eager learner ready to implement what it takes to transform because deep down you know the confident, results-giving abundant lifestyle you desire is WAITING. 

  • You are DONE dragging your heels to get to your goals and are ready to dig deep into a community of real understanding and authentic encouragement.

  • You are ready to take on a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and know part of that includes saving your time and energy with a clear and direct plan.

This isn't the best fit right now if....

  • You love guessing games and would rather struggle to figure out things on your own, no matter how long it takes.

  • You love the emotional roller coaster of inconsistent progress and are okay with unsustainable solutions. You don't want sustainability to fuel your healthy lifestyle. 

  • You are seriously experienced when it comes to nutrition and working out, have strong accountability to self, and have figured out exactly what works for you. 

  • You enjoy being a slave to the scale and tracking apps and are content to work harder instead of smarter. Ease doesn't appeal to you. 

  • You'd rather walk this road alone and not be apart of a community, even one that is soaked with good vibes, encouraging women, and much needed resources. 


Hey, I'm Jenn!

Hi, I'm Denise!

meet your coaches:

Hey, I'm Jenn!

I have been a personal trainer for almost 7 years now and an online fitness & nutrition coach for nearly 4. My passion and expertise is working with clients, designing fitness and nutrition programs, and coaching people through new habits alongside breaking barriers. Healthy living and the benefits of exercise is nothing new - in fact there is so much information nowadays that it can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate! That said, there are many trainers that claim they can help you, however fail to actually navigate these changes and personally support you through the process.

I started BENEFITS Personal Training with a passion I still have 7 years later - a fierce desire to remind women of their value and to transform that into everyday joy.  I believe a big part of this can be achieved through healthy living - exercise, good eating and learning to love ourselves - for where we're at and where we want to be. At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a disease that would lead me to this fulfilling career of empowering people to live their healthiest life along with encouraging individuals who are dealing with their own battles in health and wellness.​


In 2017 I had huge success transitioning my business exclusively to online because I saw the potential in being able to support people better, educate people more effectively, along with produce better results through daily accountability and communication. I refuse to believe that wonderful people like you will only find success if and when you meet me in a gym. When you join BPT Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, you'll have my expertise at your side where I will be personally invested in your success. 

Hi, I'm Denise!

Boy Mom, Doula, Trainer & Owner of REV Fitness

My goal before ever becoming a personal trainer was to help people. My desire is to help people make life easier, manage stress more effectively, along with support people in knowing success. Thus began my career as a personal trainer.

I'm here to help you think better, implement better, and ultimately, help you take responsibility for creating an amazing, healthy, life that you love.

Before ever becoming a Mom myself, I started specializing in pre and postnatal training. In a world with information at our fingertips, it can actually be really hard to find GOOD information. My aim is to help clear up some of that misinformation, in hopes of making the changes of motherhood a bit easier.