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I'm sharing this quick yet effective total body workout that will maximize your limited time and energy.

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Friend, I see you. I see the hard work you put forward that at times feels undervalued and I know how hard you work to get it all done. That's exactly why I've created this quick, 30-minute total body workout with you in mind.

Balancing busy schedules, work and families can be time-consuming, but getting enough exercise doesn't have to be.


You are so deserving of the same time and effort you pour into everyone else, and with this short workout you'll be setting good habits in motion without it becoming just another thing you "have to do".  

Start simple with this 30-minute total body workout. 

Easy to follow with clear instructions and step-by-step photos for reference this workout will help you maximize your limited time.

Requires minimal equipment and can accommodate a variety of experience levels and will get your entire body working. 

Gym and home proof, this workout can be completed anywhere and every other day to ensure your entire body gets the movement it needs. 

It's no surprise that 1 in 3 women don't get enough physical activity to stay healthy. 

Most days we have to choose what we spend our time and energy on. If the day gets busy then self-care or workouts get axed. 

Between naps, bedtime schedules, making sure everyone is fed, showering, or doing chores, by the time the evening comes around, exhaustion hits. 

We feel torn between having the house neat and tidy, meals cooked, and spending time with our loved ones or getting a workout in. 

When our time and energy are limited, our needs feel like the last to be met and our desires the first thing to go. 

Life as a woman is busy, stretched thin, and often influenced by the needs of those closest to us. 

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