About Jenn

When you think “personal trainer,” you probably imagine someone who is obsessed with healthy living, who LOVES working out, and who LIVES for healthy food. 


As a behavior change specialist, I am very aware of the difference between how my work appears at face value, versus the heart of what my work actually is. And I want you, my new friend, to be aware of it too:


Encouraging women to pursue the best version of themselves is at the heart of everything I do. 


Because we might know exactly what we want or what's important to us, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to achieve it. 


Right? It’s can be really hard. 


Sometimes we don’t think we can do it. Other times we don’t think we’re worthy of setting aside time for our goals. Or setting aside time for rest. Or putting the energy into being intentional about cooking or grocery shopping. Right? It can be a lot. 


It’s my joy to be the person who reminds you every day that the life you desire is possible, and the intentional work is worth it. You are worth it.


At BPT, I'm on a mission to help you reject the rigid rules and intense pressure that often come with diet culture. 


From there, I’m going to show you how to create action & consistency that has the ability to truly change the game for you. 

“I highly recommend Jenn to anyone. There are few people in this world who make the people around them feel good about themselves...empowered to accomplish anything. Jenn is one of those people.” 

When I tell my clients that our mission is to live lives of true confidence and health for good, I mean that the secret is to stop giving up on yourself. We give up on ourselves because we believe things that are not true...and because we didn’t set the *right* intention in the first place. 

We believe that rigid diet rules are necessary. 

We believe we have to do exercise routines that we hate. 

We believe that we aren’t worthy of taking a little extra time & energy on the things that heal and make us feel whole. 


My work is to support you as you make peace with your body, find movement you enjoy, heal your relationship with food, and begin to experience what it’s like to feel confident in your own skin.

All of you is welcome here. The messy, the real, the you that is unfiltered. I want to connect with that person and welcome you just as you are. 


So get over here, friend.

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my advanced coaching credentials include:
  • CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 

  • OTA Certified Online Trainer

  • PN Level 1 Nutrition Certification 

  • NASM Behaviour Change Specialist 


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More About Me

→ When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I lost 15 pounds in a week, started having blurred vision, craved nothing but sugar, and was diagnosed in under an hour. My life completely changed from that moment on.

→ I was in a long-distance relationship with my Australian fiance for nearly 4 years. I met Lyle in Denmark and on a whim told him to come to Alberta where I promised him I would show him the mountains. Well, he took me up on that and the rest is history! We've lived in Brisbane, Australia with plans of trying out Canada next! 

→ I love both travel and photography. Prior to 2020, I was always counting down the day to my next trip. Some of my favorite destinations include South Africa, Sweden, Iceland, and Ireland. But, my absolute favorite place in the entire world is Cannon Beach, Oregon. 

It’s my greatest joy & honor to receive messages like these from my clients:
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